The average cost for bathroom remodeling in Chicago is currently at $20,101. It’s a 2.7-percent increase from $19,552 last year.
The cost is one of the highest in the region. With proper budgeting, however, you don’t have to spend that much; a couple in Florida made a beautiful bathroom in just under $2,000. You can put as much money as you want in remodeling your bathroom; it is only a matter of getting to know how much you should put in each aspect.
breaking down the numbers
For the purposes of this article, assume that you set aside $10,000 as the budget. In addition, take note that prices of materials vary, and the actual amount you would need will also depend on the size of your bathroom. Taking a cue from an article by BrightNest in Mintlife.com, you can allocate this budget as follows:

Plumbing Gets the Biggest Slice

The priority for any bathroom remodeling project—or any remodeling job—is function; a pretty bathroom without a working toilet is investment down the drain. Allocate 20 percent of the job’s budget ($2,000) for plumbing materials like pipes and fixtures. Modern fittings such as PVC, a common material for pipes, cost around $0.20 per foot. Experts also recommend investing in low-flow fixtures to lower water consumption.

Décor Gets the Smallest Slice

While you want a beautiful bathroom, décor must not make up more than 5 percent ($500) of the budget. Experts advise against settling for bargain-grade paint, which costs between $5 and $15 a can, because they may not last as long as premium-grade paint. Sometimes, it’s better to choose the more expensive but better-quality product, especially if you’re thinking about eventually selling your property.
Additionally, if you need help in budgeting, get in touch with experienced Chicago bathroom renovation companies like DAL Builders. Professionals can help you pull off amazing renovation jobs that will fit your budget.
(Source: Breaking Down the Numbers: How to Budget for a Bathroom Remodel, BrightNest [c/o MintLife], February 7, 2014)

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