When people talked about their basements years ago, they immediately visualized a dark and daft place under their houses, with all sorts of unused or old items stowed away carelessly and walls and surroundings filled with cobwebs and water. Now that people who are looking for roomier homes tend to stay put rather than move to another house, they have become more creative when it comes to extending their living space, particularly in their basements. Basements have become an added feature to a home – an extension of a family’s living space – and it could be transformed into a bar, a game room, an office, or even a “man cave”.

Add Space and Home Value
Increased Resale Value
In the past few years, basement remodeling in Chicago and in almost all parts of the country has become more popular among homeowners after realizing that their basements can be more than just storage areas. In fact, while most remodeling projects seem costly, it can actually have returns by as much as 70 percent, making it one of the smartest home remodeling projects, along with attic bedrooms and decking. Moreover, a finished basement can increase the value of your home, since buyers are more attracted to additional living space as well, making the resale of your home easier.
Things to Consider Before Remodeling
While you can remodel your basement to almost anything, like a bar, home theater, game room, office space, guest room, or even a gym, there are factors to be considered before proceeding with the project. One such thing to look for are signs of water or moisture in your basements that can affect your furnishings. This problem, however, can be remedied by French drains, a sump up, and a back-up generator. Also ensure that there is enough headroom for everyone who will spend time in the basement: an 8-foot headroom is preferable, but it is advised that it should be not lower than 7 foot and 6 inches.
Unless you’re using the basement as a home theater, don’t hesitate to illuminate the space as brightly as possible, since natural light might be hard to come by. Ensuring that the space has proper heating and cooling for everyone’s comfort is also advised; and, the more open and spacious your basement appears to be, the better. If you are remodeling for the added value on your home, don’t spend more than 10 percent of its value, since the added value of underground spaces are only half of the space above. You can achieve successful Chicago basement remodeling by working with contractors like DAL Builders that can make the once dingy place into your most favorite part of the home.
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