Chicago is known for its harsh winters, and this year is no exception as below-zero temperatures have been more prevalent than ever. As such, poorly insulated pipes will likely freeze, creating problems for homeowners. Carole Feldman reports in ABCNews.Go.com that a real problem occurs when these frozen pipes burst and cause flooding in the basement.


Removing water from a flooded basement should be done immediately to prevent mold and bacteria from developing. Homeowners can choose to remove water on their own through effective do-it-yourself techniques, or hire professionals. If there is major damage to the flooring and walls in the basement, homeowners can consider basement remodeling in Chicago.


a common winter hazard

Having a basement remodeled after severe flooding is a good opportunity to transform the space into a useful one, instead of letting it serve merely as a storage area or a laundry room. In fact, talented remodeling specialists, like the ones from DAL Builders, Inc., can convert a basement into a recreational room. Here are some ideas:




Concrete is a durable choice for basement flooring. Solid wood flooring, meanwhile, may not be a good material for a basement because of its tendency to expand and shrink. Homeowners can instead go for engineered wood flooring.




Drywall is a practical option for a basement. However, if homeowners want to avoid potential moisture problems, steel studs can be considered. Steel studs also offer the advantage of easy electrical wiring alterations.




Since basements are rarely used for family activities, they are usually equipped with minimal lighting. An ideal Chicago basement remodeling involves bringing in a significant amount of lighting to allow family members to play games, watch movies, or do arts and crafts projects. Adding windows is also a good idea to bring in natural light and save on electricity.


A flooded basement is a huge problem to deal with. However, homeowners can turn things around by opting for a basement remodeling. This way, they can transform the room into a useful and enjoyable recreation room.



(Source: A Common Winter Hazard: Frozen Pipes in Your Home, Abcnews.go.com, Published 18 February 2014)

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