Basements tend to associated dark and scary places. Things can turn for the better, though, when turned into a new living area and you’ve found fresh storage space somewhere else for anything stashed below. HouseLogic’s Lisa Kaplan Gordon said such was the case for a 1920s-era bungalow near Philadelphia, where the basement was successfully converted into a two-bedroom place complete with bathroom.




Chicago residents are intimately familiar with converting basements into a living space. A check of the classifieds, for example, will register hundreds of hits on basements for rent or sale – you may know of friends who sought out at least one of either listing for some time. Still, when circumstances have enabled you to free up space down there but you don’t know what to do with all that square feet, why not make it a bedroom through companies that offer basement remodeling in Chicago such as DAL Builders?


Big Picture


It is essential to have everything cleared out of the basement to have a wider picture of your remodeling plans. Your preferred remodeler should be on hand to take note of cues to consider in the design, and the general condition of the basement at the time it’s cleared out.


More often than not, the place will have some ups and downs; in analyzing the bungalow, Gordon said it had wet splotches in several locations. The staircase landing even rotted one flight up, that two cinderblocks substituted for the lost plank. This was compensated by excavating the floor 18 inches to free up extra space for a new footing drain and sump pump.


Long-Term Improvement


A general tenet of house design underlines the positioning of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, and their specs, especially if they are of previous-generation lines that take much room. Consult your Chicago basement remodeling specialist if the project design allows for installing new HVAC and water heating units. If some vital parts of the plumbing grid pass through the basement ceiling, consider leaving the ceiling open to aid in repairs.


Window to the World?


Basements are rather notorious for having small windows, which don’t help much when you want the place to be more conducive to enjoyment. One solution, Gordon says, will be to excavate the ground outside the window for a projected bedroom and break down the associated wall to make space for a regular window frame. You should figure out a way, though, to channel the garden area away from the window so it doesn’t get hit in case of inclement weather.


A basement turned into a bedroom or expanded living space can be a fun way to accommodate friends and family. Call a top contractor like DAL today.


(Source: Basement Redo Brings Light Into a Dank, Dark Space, HouseLogic)

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