When you’re basement remodeling in Chicago, one of the best uses you can put it to is to transform it into a rec room. Imagine having a convenient place for all those poker nights or a place to play pool without someone else hogging the tables. If you think this is a good idea, here are a few tips on ensuring that rec room plans don’t end up becoming a disaster.

Be Practical

Among the first things you have to consider are the important factors that can affect your set up in your basement: the lighting, the dampness, and the temperature. First of all, your basement isn’t going to receive a lot of natural light; this means you’ll want to consider how you’re going to light up the room. You’ll probably want a way to fine-tune the lighting—dimmer switches let you change up the lighting without limiting yourself to on and off. Another problem is the dampness, as water flows downward and the lack of air circulation makes evaporation difficult. Resolve these issues by ensuring your basement is water and flood proof, while providing a vent and fan system to ensure the air doesn’t get stale. Finally, you don’t want to wear a jacket every time you go down your rec room. Install some insulation to keep the heat in.

Ensure Comfort

Comfort should also be at the top of your list for your rec room. You can do this by furnishing it with cozy seating. Whether it’s a relaxing sofa or snug bar stools, you’ll want your visitors and yourself a place to kick back and relax. Another thing to help with relaxation is decorating properly; bare concrete walls and floors aren’t conducive to leisure. Wooden flooring is a good choice while wall panels can also help with the room’s insulation. A fridge would also be a good addition as it keeps you from wasting time going up to the kitchen to get another bottle of beer.

Get Your Toys

Finally, you’ll want to stock your rec room with the fun stuff. Good examples are a pool table or a ping-pong table. If you really want something impressive you can set-up a home theater. This can be reconfigured into a gaming rig with the addition of the latest console. Stock up on some card decks and poker chips, too, for that inevitable poker night.

Contract Professional Assistance

If you want the best rec room possible, don’t remodel on your own. Hire experienced remodelers like DAL Builders Inc. and consult with them about your plans. They can make suggestions and ensure that the project turns out all right.


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