Chicago bathroom remodeling plans often get sidetracked by a homeowner’s desires. The temptation to make a bigger and better bathroom can distract people from being realistic about their renovation plans. There are several things to consider when planning to improve your bathroom, and chief among them is space. As an example, Mike McClintock wrote about space concerns in a recent article for the Chicago Tribune:


“There are two ways to get one: build an addition, or steal space from an adjoining room. With minimal framing, trade an adjacent walk-in closet for a sauna or whirlpool tub. Reframe a long clothes closet, and double sinks can recess into the area freeing up bathroom floor space. Partial reframing can make a big change, but save time and money by leaving most of the room intact.”


A small space limits your options, and thus plans for expansion should be in your mind if you want a grander bathroom. Experienced Chicago bathroom remodeling contractors like DALBuilders Inc. would be able to suggest some ways to approach the problem like excavation, expansion of the roofing, and wall gutting to make room.
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There are also concerns other than space that need to be answered. For instance, there is the budget. Knowing how much you can spend will affect your material choices and your building plans. A granite countertop and luxurious bathtub might be nice additions, but having a limited amount to spend will make you choose only one or the other. With a budget in hand, you can decide what changes are necessary and what things you can live without.


Another thing to consider is how much the remodeling project would add to your home’s value. Most renovations have the potential to increase a house’s price once it’s time to sell the property. Though you might not be considering it yet, additions like new tiles and new plumbing can add to your home’s worth. Major bathroom remodeling projects can often yield a 50 to 65 percent return on investment later down the line.


Lastly, consider the realities of ventilation and lighting. You don’t want a damp and dark bathroom; it should be a nice place to rest and relax. Think of installing lamps and lights that can be adjusted depending on your mood: dim lights for a relaxing bath, bright ones for shaving and other morning rituals. Having good ventilation ducts with a well-maintained ventilation fan ensures that mold and mildew won’t grow on your tiles.


(Source: Bath renovation tips, The Chicago Tribune, July 21, 2014)

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