Sometimes, a bathroom that has served your home for years deserves a modern makeover for aesthetic and sanitation concerns. The Washington Post’s Audrey Hoffer said as much of Slava Lazebnikov, a Russian-American immigrant from Rockville, MD who went to work mixing his old townhouse bathroom with a dash of modern technology.

Getting a 21st-century Update
The same might be true of veteran residents in the Chicago area whose bathrooms have withstood the test of time. If your bathroom could use a change in form and function, some bathroom remodeling through Chicago companies like DAL Builders might be the way to go.
Singing in the Shower
The main bath/shower area is one of the more important areas to look at when working a bathroom remodel. Say your existing bathroom has a bathtub and shower head but circumstances dictate that you get rid of the tub. You will need to talk to your preferred contractor on how to strip it and fix the bathing area to address its absence.
With the tub removed, you may push ahead with replacing the existing shower equipment and modifying the plumbing to fit. In the case of Lazebnikov’s bathroom, his standard shower was upped to a leading manufacturer’s top-of-the-line product. The system involves the main shower head fitting flush with the ceiling while subheads are along the walls; all of which are governed by a waterproof control panel. A frosted glass enclosure will then wrap the bath area.
More WiredE
When your budget permits the addition of more bathroom tech, your toilet and the sink fixtures are next for this. You may have to replace the toilet with a new water-efficient model in light of water conservation concerns. It works as well for sensor-linked faucets, which you might commonly find in restrooms at hotels or the movieplex.
Tiling Up
The addition of modern equipment may be water efficient, but the general appearance of the bathroom may seem tacky. You can work around this by consulting your contractor for fresh designs, such as new tiles and bright colors to give the place a sense of wide space.
Breathing new life into an old bathroom via a Chicago bathroom renovation project may be a pleasant experience for you and your loved ones. Start that with a contractor like DAL today.
(Source: More homeowners giving bathrooms getting a 21st-century update, Washington Post)

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