Some people carry a creative side that manifests when working with wood. As Rebecca Mecomber writes, for SFGate, one place in your house can be perfect for letting that creativity run wild:

“The basement seems like a perfect place for a wood shop. The space is readily available, the temperature is usually mild and the room is accessible from both the house and outdoors. Before you begin moving your tools, however, consider the condition of your basement and its integration with the rest of the house.”

Residents of Chicago can relate to the prospect of going deep into the house to work with wood. Some of them may have honed their talents through the Chicago School of Woodworking and went on to careers in the furniture and construction industries. When you have gained a great deal of woodworking talent and prefer crafting in more personalized conditions, professionals in basement remodeling in Chicago, like the crew at DAL Builders, can help you out.

how to build a basement wood shop

Turning your basement into a woodworking shop requires some basic preparations or renovation to ensure compliance with local building codes, which your contractor can address. First of all, Mecomber states that waterproofing the place is essential, to protect the tools and the lumber stock from molds. The entrance or passageway also requires a second look; some professionals recommend widening the pathway to at least four feet to grant enough space for heavy tools or cabinets to be moved in.


Secondly, basements are generally built with poured concrete or similar materials, which are not strong enough to accommodate nails for hanging side attachments such as racks. The basement contractor can work around this deficiency by first insulating the concrete, then adding extra wood walls to provide a solid foundation for the attachments.


Thirdly, woodworking shops require an array of tools and lights that need large amounts of power; thus, basements should have enough power outlets. When discussing the remodel with your Chicago basement finishing contractor, note the locations for installing permanent task lights and fluorescent main lights. You also need separate grounded circuits for each power tool you will use.


Woodworking also generates a lot of sawdust and solvents, which are dangerous for anyone not wearing safety equipment like masks and safety goggles. Mecomber recommends addressing this problem by including ventilation fans into the remodeling plan and sealing any HVAC ducts leading to the basement.


If you’re into woodworking or handicrafts, there’s no greater satisfaction than letting your creativity surface in items you worked on yourself at home. Hiring a skilled contractor, such as DAL Builders, to transform your basement into a personal workspace is a good start to your wood crafting career.


(Source: How to Build a Basement Wood Shop, SFGate.com)

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