For the most part, life in The Windy City is rarely dull, but when you’re in a dull basement festooned with cobwebs, and alone with the whirring furnace for your music, it probably won’t make a difference if the rest of the world is colorful around you. Start with what’s inside, as they say, so how do you transform your home’s barren space into something vibrant that the whole family can be inspired by? For one, with the help of Chicago basement remodeling contractors, you can turn the space into a game room instead.


how to create the ultimate game room


Optimize your Space


Keep in mind that having a game room doesn’t mean you can stuff the room with as many entertainment systems that you fancy that you end up with a cramped basement space. Plan your basement remodel well and choose only fixtures that are appropriate to the room’s overall design. Remember that game tables will need at least three to five feet of empty space around them, otherwise the room will look as though everything has been inside it.


Keep Lighting in Mind


Pay attention to special lighting, especially when it can be a challenge to incorporate natural light in the basement. Each table should have a lamp shining overhead, and if you have lounge chairs or couches, set them up where they can be illuminated. At some point in between playing your PS4 and enjoying a game of pool, you will want to just sit down and read.


Keep a Theme


According to an article in Forbes.com, you can also choose to plan your remodel according to a particular sport you’d love to play regularly:


If you have the space and budget, you can re-create your favorite sport in your game room. “If you’re into hockey, turn your entire basement into a floor-hockey stadium with built-in goals, a penalty box, proper flooring, and safe lighting,” says Holloway. “Whatever you are into, find a way to make your lower-level game room unique to your needs and personality.”


Soundproof the Place


Worrying too much about the racket you’re making just might get in the way of a great game night. Since it’s not an option to ignore neighbors’ need for quiet, the best solution would be to install soundproof padding to your basement walls. Ask your contractor for ways in which you can effectively reduce noise for game nights with friends or family.


Chicago basement remodeling contractors like dalbuilders.net can remodel your basement to just about anything you want, but if you really want to make the best of your space, you should plan the change well. Don’t leave your basement empty and unused for long when you could make something incredible and entertaining out of it, instead.


(Source: How To Create The Ultimate Game Room, Forbes)

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