Basement remodeling in Chicago is a major project for any home. It takes a considerable investment of time and money to improve a house’s basement; after all, it’s where you usually have the furnace and other things that need to be kept out of sight.

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Today, however, living space in a home is at a premium and adding more to it can greatly increase the value of a house, not to mention that it is also beneficial to householders. Turning a drab basement into an additional bedroom or a family room can be a wise remodeling move. Here are a few tips that can ensure that your investment in the remodeling is well worth it.

Do an Inspection First

You’ll have to evaluate the worthiness of your basement for a remodel. There are several considerations like how big the basement is, how much space you can use, and, most importantly, the issue of moisture. Water always flows downward. This means that your basement could be receiving a lot of the water from within and outside of your home. Knowing if your basement has water issues is important. Obvious signs of trouble are pools of water on the floor and water stains on the walls. You’ll need to resolve such issues first before starting the project.

Be Aware of the Temperature

Another thing to be aware of is the temperature. Even with the water issue under control, your basement can still become a damp place. This dampness can make it an uncomfortable place to spend time in. That’s why you’ll need to install insulation and a vapor barrier to further control the ambient climate in your basement.

Use the Right Materials

The use of the right materials is vital to a successful renovation. For example, one of the things that you’ll likely consider about your basement is the flooring. You don’t want to keep the bare cement floor for any room. There are several options, but each of them has their own pros and cons. Tile flooring is good when dealing with a moist basement, but can be quite cold and hard. Carpet flooring would be impressive and comfortable yet gets damp easily. Finally, cork flooring is a good compromise between comfort and practicality.

Leave It to the Pros

It can be tempting to save some money and do the remodeling yourself, but basement finishing in Chicago homes should only be done by professionals like those from DAL Builders Inc. This is because they know all the current building codes and have adequate experience in handling whatever structural, electrical, or aesthetic problem that might arise. Ensure your basement is converted into a nice additional living space by contacting local contractors to do the job.


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