You might be satisfied with the bathroom you have now in your home, but do you find yourself at times wishing it could be bigger? Before considering to invest in an expansion project to make the space bigger, you may want to consider remodeling it instead to make it look more spacious without having to shell out more money. With the help of Chicago bathroom remodeling experts, here are some remodeling ideas you can do to make your bathroom look brighter and more chic.


Chicago Bathroom Remodeling

Get a Corner Sink


Sure, you might think a pedestal sink could go well with your bathroom, but it might only make the area look cramped. This kind of sink disrupts the mobility of people in your bathroom, making it hard for you to walk around. To remedy this, installing a corner sink across the toilet may work better than placing the sink directly across the shower.


Illuminate Your Bathroom


A dimly-lit bathroom makes it look more enclosed and smaller than it actually is. In remodeling your bathroom, you may want to make it look brighter by installing larger windows, white LEDs, and additional lighting. Do away with dark-colored and opaque curtains and shades and replace them with light-colored ones.


Where to Put your Vanity


Sharp-edged vanities are hazards to your hips, particularly in tight spaces. It might not seem like it, but opting for a rounded vanity fixture can actually work in a square-shaped bathroom. In choosing a place to mount your vanity, consider putting it above the floor, which is effective not only in making your bathroom look bigger, but also in freeing up space for small items.


Wider Mirror on the Wall


Small bathrooms could use the help of a mirror stretched across the wall in creating the illusion of a bigger space. A wider mirror not only makes the bathroom look and feel more expansive, but it’s also great in reflecting light across the room.


Neutral or All-White Color Scheme


A neutral color scheme has been the hallmark of a modern bathroom, and it could also be used in yours. Having a neutral or all-white color scheme for your bathroom creates the illusion of more space since it will become more difficult to judge the distance between furnishings.


These are simple hacks at first glance, but these helpful ideas could be your starting points when having your small bathroom remodeled. You can make your bathroom look brighter, more spacious, and more chic with the assistance of dependable Chicago bathroom remodeling contractors, like those from DAL Builders.



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