Looking for a better, more comfortable bathroom experience akin to those found in luxury homes? Given the vast number of potential information sources, from magazines to your neighbor’s newly remodeled bath, searching for bathroom remodeling ideas isn’t so hard. In fact, house remodeling site Houzz.com recently asked their members for great ideas. Their survey showed that more people finishing their renovation or are merely planning on doing so opt for bigger spaces and hi-tech additions, which are actually great ideas for bathroom remodeling in Chicago.



Why People Do Renovations?


One of the things the survey studied is the motivation behind most people’s renovation projects. Contrary to what most people might think, increasing the resale value of a property is not the primary reason homeowners decide to invest in bathroom renovations. According to Nino Sitchinava, principal economist from Houzz, most people doing renovations are doing them to improve their living comfort as well as their home’s aesthetic appeal. “[…] typically the number one motivation is to improve the look and feel of the place. So the motivation is very personal to the homeowner,” Sitchinava said.


Hi-Tech Bathroom Add-Ons


Yearning for a TV on your bathroom walls or an LED on your shower heads? As it turns out, you’re not alone. Based on the survey conducted by Houzz, five percent of bathroom renovations included a TV or bidet in their master baths, while 26 percent of them installed radiant heat flooring and 11 percent had towel warmers. Five percent of the participants, meanwhile, added LED in their shower heads, while one percent added touch-operated showers in general. Sitchiniva had related this growing trend of hi-tech bathroom add-ons to age, as most millennials are more likely to integrate technology in their bathrooms.


Bigger Bathrooms


Another growing trend among bathroom renovations is that more people are seeking larger shower spaces. As Ilyce Glink, author of numerous real estate books, had seen, most people doing renovations are looking for more incredible shower experiences, with more places to sit in and shelves and containers where they can place their shampoos and conditioners. If you’re thinking about selling your house eventually, note that investing in more bathrooms and installing an aromatherapy shower can be beneficial to your property’s resale value.


Nevertheless, whatever your motivation might be, a bigger and brighter bathroom equipped with numerous hi-tech additions can definitely make your life a whole lot easier. Such renovation jobs can only be entrusted to top Chicago bathroom remodeling contractors such as DAL Builders that can turn your old bathroom into the one that you’ve always dreamt of.


(Source: Soak cool: The biggest trends in bathroom renovation, Digital Trends, March 28, 2015)

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