For some people, few things are quite as precious as having a happy, contented dog at home. Any dog lover knows that there’s no happier dog than one that is given the freedom to go in and out of the house at most hours of the day. A dog owner takes this into consideration when remodeling his home. Along with freedom, however, there are things you can do to ensure your dog’s safety, above all. The next time you give your trusted Chicago deck builders a call, you might want to keep these points in mind:

how to build a deck with dogs in mind
Non-Toxic Building Materials
Most dogs are naturally curious, especially puppies, so you should expect a lot of drooling over, nibbling, and even outright chewing of walls and objects around your house. In this case, using durable and safe non-toxic building materials, such as paint finishes and stains, is important. For instance, you might have to pass on treated lumber as it contains many chemicals to make it resistant to weather and opt for a more naturally weather resistant wood such as cedar or Ipe.
Work and Play
Your porch should also have areas where your dog can play, rest, and take a nap. If you have a big yard in which he can play, design the path so that he can easily run out and scurry back up to the porch again. Make sure there’s enough space in your deck or porch for his bed crate.
Right Railings
Daniel Thomas of Demand Media wrote in SF Gate that you should consider getting the right type of railing for your dogs: 

“This is especially crucial for elevated decks, such as loft decks and bi-level decks. Choose a type of railing that has appropriately-spaced posts – you’ll want to let the breeze through and give your dog and yourself a nice view, but the posts should be close together enough that your dog can’t squeeze through.”

Choosing Vegetation
Know that there are plants which might be harmful to dogs, so keep those types of plants away when decorating or renovating your porch or deck. Plants like American holly, baby’s breath, nightshade, and chamomile, for instance, are dangerous and toxic to most dogs. Instead, opt for plants like bamboo, cinnamon, blue daisies, and dwarf palms.
Companies like DAL Builders should have competent and reliable Chicago porch builders who can design and build a dog-friendly deck or porch for your home. You want your home to be as beautiful, secure, and comfortable as you can make it, and you’ll want no less for your loyal, four-legged member of your family.
(Source: How to Build a Deck With Dogs in Mind, SF Gate)

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