Architect John Quiter and his wife, Elaine, had big plans of redesigning and remodeling when they purchased a 1930s cabin in Berkeley, California that had redwood furnishings. The couple wanted to the house open up to the breath-taking views it once eschewed and transform it with an eco-friendly design that incorporates free-flowing air and rainwater-collecting ducts.

Cool Spaces

The finished product was a remodeled three-level, energy-efficient property that not only was built with recycled construction materials but also features a couple of splendid-looking porches. Quiter was very pleased with how his home turned out, as stated in a Detroit Free Press article:


“That’s one of my favorite things about the house that I never expected,” John Quiter says. “We’re a front-porch house in a back-porch neighborhood, and it’s kind of nice. People stop by, ask to see inside. It’s really rewarding.”


A porch, according to the most basic definition, serves as a link between the house and the outside world. A well-maintained porch, therefore, is not only an inviting sight for most people but also reflects the character of the whole house. For these reasons, it is also best to have a well-maintained porch so that one’s home would evoke a warm and welcoming aura for family, friends, and guests.


A beautifully designed porch also boosts a home’s curb appeal. Chicago homeowners who wish to have their porches remodeled to rival what Quiter’s home has can turn to experienced Chicago porch builders known for cost-efficient and sustainable practices. A Green Certified Small Business such as DAL Builders, for instance, can design and construct a functional and attractive transitional space that serves as an extension of the home’s stylish interior design. Such a feat is possible with the use of high-grade, environmentally friendly, and economical materials.


Homeowners can also count on an experienced Chicago porch repair company like DAL Builders for fast and cost-efficient services when it comes to addressing any sort of damage to this portion of their homes. Such a builder typically informs clients of every step they plan to take, and makes sure that the project complies with all building codes.


(Source: Cool Spaces: Turning a 1930s cabin into ‘green’ showplace, Detroit Free Press, September 7, 2014 )

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