Throughout Chicago and its surrounding areas, homeowners are rediscovering the convenience and value of owning a porch. In fact, surveys show that adding a porch to a home yields an 87% return on investment rate!
You may be envisioning spending a lazy fall afternoon sipping a tall glass of your favorite drink while lounging on your front porch. While that certainly would be a great use for a porch, you shouldn’t get too ahead of yourself. If you’re interested in having Chicago porch builders add one to your home, keep the following things in mind:



Environmental Factors
Take note of where sunlight and breezes are prominent in your home, as well as what times they occur. According to an article from Better Homes and Gardens, these factors can help you and your contractor plan the design of your porch better:

The same porch on two identical homes functions differently. Why? Because every home is different in siting, which affects sunlight and shadow as well as air flow.
For example, a home with a backyard that faces west may also have a back porch that gets intense sunlight during summertime peak hours. So, while shade may be a necessary element in that home’s porch design, the need for sun shelter will be less so in a home with a backyard that faces east. In addition, some sites may have slopes or other natural elements such as trees that you’ll want to design around when building a porch.

Material Durability
Material durability is especially important if you’re looking to add a wooden porch to your home. Be sure to have your contractor use treated wood that is resistant to moisture (an especially important feature during the winter) and UV light. You may also want to look at materials that deter termites. Do not hesitate to ask a Chicago porch repair company which types of materials offer the best quality and bang for your buck.
Your Contractor
It makes sense that to design and build a breath-taking porch, you should work with a skilled contractor like DAL Builders, Inc. One way to gauge the skill of a contractor is to see if their designs have won any awards. Once you’ve found a contractor that you are comfortable with, be sure to work together and communicate often to guarantee that your porch meets your needs and standards.
(Source: 6 Tips for Building Porches; Better Homes and Gardens)

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