Homeowners remodel their houses for a number of reasons, mainly to add value when they put up the properties for resale or to make their home structure more environment-friendly and energy-efficient. Whether your remodel involves just a single room or a full house, the project requires careful planning to become successful.



The “green” movement, in particular, is becoming popular across the United States. “Green” building techniques will help homeowners in the Chicago, IL area save on energy in the long term. If you’re considering a home remodel any time now, you might want to look into “green” remodeling for your home. Here are some points to ponder:


Energy Incentives


Energy costs may decline every now and then, but the rates still lean toward the high side most of the time. These inevitable price hikes have prompted the government to grant energy incentives to homeowners who opt to use high-efficiency systems. Installing high-efficiency equipment during your home renovation may require a larger initial investment, but the energy incentives could make up for that.


Certified Contractors


To implement green remodeling in Chicago and other places in the U.S., contractors such as Dalbuilders.net have to be certified by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Certified green builders have the knowledge and skills to use sustainable building methods and materials to ensure that your home is compliant with environmental standards. Almost always, these USGBC-certified builders are also certified by the Environmental Protection Agency and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so you can rest assured that your project is safe and legitimate.


“Green” Materials and Design


If you are utilizing certified green builders for your renovation, it follows that they wouldn’t be using products that have high amounts of volatile organic compounds, like sealers and paints (which contain formaldehyde). To reduce carbon footprint, request for local organic materials like bamboo and wood for the flooring, walls or furniture. Find a design that promotes proper ventilation within the house and allows the natural flow of light inside, to reduce the energy consumption of HVAC systems.


Solid Plan


The most important thing about any home improvement project is to have a plan to guide you and your remodeling contractors in Chicago. Once the process begins, it can be overwhelming if you haven’t settled the many vital details involved in the project. Make sure your budget is ready, your reputable team of builders have been primed, and your building permits have been released.


Green building contractors such as Dalbuilders.net can help you with the specifics of your home remodel. The company has remodeled thousands of homes, and has adequate training and experience to offer full house remodeling and rebuilding services for decks, kitchens and bathrooms.

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