Having your own home can be a very exciting time, especially if it is your first major purchase. Maintaining it, however, is another story altogether. Aside from making sure that all fixtures and equipment are kept running smoothly, there is also the matter of aesthetics and interior design to consider. Tedious as all these may be, though, it remains to be a task that one can look forward to, especially when the homeowner is able to get the results exactly how they wanted it.



Kim Cook of Madison.com shared some tips on how to brighten up further one’s home interior by giving a rundown on the home color trends this 2015. These should be helpful for those having their homes made brand new, as well as those intending to take on a remodeling project.


Home Color Trends this 2015


Cook initially stated that for this year, home décor colors range from soft, yummy ice cream pastels to a few deep, saturated hues. Pastel shades include sky blue, vanilla, blush, lilac, pale peach, and mint. Incorporating these in your homes would create an ambiance of being in a tropical or desert climate. Add a task lamp, a bookcase, or a midcentury-style chair, and you get a more sophisticated vibe.


For the deep saturated hues, vibrant pink-orange or similar to the shade of a coral reef and other floral hues like lush green, teal, indigo, and deep violet would create a beach vacation atmosphere or a garden-room vibe. If these shades seem too loud for the homeowner’s personality, they may tone it down by adding complementary shades such as crisp white, soft gray, butter yellow, driftwood grey, or any medium wood tones.


Working with Home Contractors


Upon finalizing desired home décor colors, homeowners would have to present their ideas to a professional interior designer in order to achieve promising results. On the other hand, if residents desire for remodeling projects alone, they should consult with credible Chicago remodeling contractors like the DALBuilders.net as well for better outcomes.


When working on your Chicago remodeling project, keep in mind to be in constant communication with your contractor, especially when discussing construction details, purchasing of materials, and everything related to finances. In addition, have an open mind with the contractor’s suggestions, since they are the ones familiar in the industry. Lastly, consider evacuating your homes while remodeling or renovations are ongoing to ease up the process and for everyone’s safety as well.


(Source: From pastels to ‘Noir,’ the colors of 2015 decor, Host Madison, March 3, 2015)

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