When planning Chicago remodeling projects, homeowners should look at more than comfort; they should also consider how a remodel would affect the worth of house. With the real estate market looking up, adding to the potential selling price of your home can be a good investment. It need not be a complete overhaul. Jeanette Pavini recently wrote an article for Huffington Post about some simple remodeling projects that can add value to a home. A prime example she used was the installation of a steel front door:


“Realtors say the majority of interested buyers make their decision about a house before even stepping in the door. That is why curb appeal is so important. So understandably, the threshold to your home deserves a little TLC. You can get back a larger percentage of your costs if you go with a steel entry door (as opposed to fiberglass). In fact, Remodeling Magazine says you can potentially recoup 96.6% of costs on a steel door when it comes to home remodels. Plus, they are very durable, easy to install, low maintenance, and fire resistant.”


A new door is just the beginning. Experienced Chicago remodeling contractors like DALBuilders Inc. would be able to recommend renovation plans that can add thousands of dollars to a home’s value when buyers come knocking.
5 home remodel projects that add value


A kitchen improvement is currently one of the best investments when it comes to renovation. According to a nationwide survey, a minor kitchen renovation usually costs around $18,000 and can earn back 82.7 percent of the investment. This means that an attractive and well-engineered kitchen can add nearly $14,000 to your home’s sale value.


Much of a kitchen remodeling’s budget is spent on appliances such as new ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Homeowners should choose the best brands in the market to get the most return. Consistency is key; having a GE brand on all of your kitchen appliances would be very helpful in case repairs are needed since you only have to go to one service center.


The main look of your kitchen should also be a concern. You’ll want something that a majority of people would like. Go for simple and classic designs rather than ultra-modern and futuristic ones. New cabinets and countertops should follow the aesthetic you’ve chosen.




The second-most popular remodeling project is the bath renovation. When thinking of how to make your bathroom better, go for changes that are aimed at features that you and potential buyers may like. These can range from larger showers for young professionals to comfortable tubs for families with children. One of the better options is to re-glaze the tubs and floors; this can turn worn-out tiles and porcelain fixtures into brand-new looking components.


(Source: 5 Home Remodel Projects That Add Value, Huffington Post, July 7, 2014)

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