Porches are fun additions to consider in a home expansion project. In some cases, however, if you have an open porch, you may think it’d be better off wrapped in an enclosure of sorts. Writing for The Nest, Lisa Carlson says the enclosing option you consider may add value to your house in the long run.




Porches are already a dime a dozen in Chicago. Nearly every residential building, for example, has porches interconnected with staircases while some of the bigger houses will have more elaborate affairs. The city government also has an extensive raft of guidelines to aid builders in the assembly of the porch. If you are moving to– in a sense– cover up your porch, then porch builders in Chicago like David Larkin and the DAL Builders team are prepared to sit down and work things out with you.


The Fork in the Road


A covered porch has some options your preferred contractor can guide you on. They are either sunrooms or an enclosed porch. Such projects are highly challenging, though, as your contractor can advise you to seek building and electrical permits with the city works authority– in this case, the Chicago Department of Buildings. Your budget, above all, will govern preferences.


Here Comes the Sun… Not?


Sunrooms are basically expanded wings of the house but laden with numerous mirrors. One of the more potent advantages is the ample entry of natural light, which you can control with window treatments. Weight and structural integrity are major considerations in a sunroom as the foundation itself should be strong enough to shoulder the additional weight from the extra building materials and the people inside. Skilled Chicago deck builders can work around this by installing extra support columns – or everything has to be built from scratch.


Tighten Up


An enclosed porch can have some things working for you. For instance, a cost-effective option will be to have frames and the roofing set up over the porch then top them off with protective screens. Some contractors see enclosed porches as potential springboards for further upgrades.


A covered-up porch is always a good thing for people more concerned with being out of the house but wary of unfavorable weather conditions. When you have a leading general contractor in your corner for this endeavor, everything will turn out fine.


(Source: Is it Cheaper to Turn a Porch Into a Sunroom or Enclose It?, The Nest)

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