If you’re living in a house that doesn’t warrant a second look, porches can turn things around. Gretchen Roberts of HGTV stresses the importance of being meticulous in building a porch, as it is the first thing people see:

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but the front porch is like a handshake, welcoming visitors, serving as a connection point with the neighborhood, and role-playing as the first (and sometimes only) impression for passers-by and neighbors.


And just as your handshake style is important (too soft, and you come off as wimpy; too hard, and you seem aggressive), your porch’s style gives visitors a preview of what’s inside. “The porch is the calling card of your home,” says Susanna Salk, a design expert and author of Weekend Retreats (Rizzoli, 2009). “Don’t neglect it or, worse, use the space as storage. It’s an extension of the soul of the house.”

Having a porch benefits residents of airy cities like Chicago. Although the “Windy City” isn’t necessarily the windiest city in the U.S., it has its fair share of breezy streets, resulting from its tall buildings and proximity to Lake Michigan.

design tips for the front porch

If you want your porch to be as you envisioned, hire artistic porch builders from Chicago, such as DAL Builders. The company builds porches that comply with local building codes and creates truly charming spaces for your home. Here are some of the considerations in having a porch built:


Porch vs Home Façade


Designing a porch requires you to look at the house façade and to visualize the final outcome. If you visualize the porch area as a transitional space, and the house is a bit small, you cannot expand the house structure; it might overpower the façade. A window screen will suffice.


Power Sockets


If the prospective area for the porch is large enough, you need to study electrical considerations in case you want to add fixtures such as a ceiling fan and lights. Your Chicago porch repair contractor may consider reviewing the house circuitry to ensure that the new connections will not overload power sockets.


Unified Look


The porch’s design must accurately match the house’s architecture for a more natural flow. For example, if your house is along the lines of Tuscan villas, the porch must have shallow archways on top supported by columns.


If a porch is the handshake or calling card of your home, then your mark should be on it. A porch that took shape through your own ideas, and was created with the expert skills of home contractors like DAL Builders, brings more appeal to your home.


(Source: Design Tips for the Front Porch, HGTV)

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