When people are thinking of renovating their house, the common focus are the indoor spaces, but homeowners would do well to think about their property’s exterior as well. Having a deck or porch can improve a home’s value and serve as lovely relaxation spots. With the help of experienced deck and porch builders in Chicago from companies like DAL Builders Inc., residents are more than likely to be satisfied with the results of a renovation or remodeling project. Here are some tips to further increase the likelihood of getting the porch or deck that you always wanted


Backyard Deck



The prime thing to consider when building a porch is the location. Different houses have different layouts and features. For example, if the house is facing toward the east, then you can expect sunlight to beat down on the front porch for the first part of the day, while it will be cooler once the sun starts to set. Trees and other landscape features can also affect how your porch will look. Furthermore, porch repair in Chicago homes would be easier if you take into consideration how the elements will affect it, wherein there would be no need to constantly repair rotted wood planks if your porch is constructed properly.


Another thing to consider about your porch is what you need from it. Are you looking for just a place to relax? Or are you hoping to have a place to view and savor the great outdoors? You may even want a venue to do your morning workouts. Your purposes for your porch will determine the final product. Consider how large a porch you want to build and how to furnish it with these factors in mind.




Decks and porches have similar purposes. They basically provide an outdoor space for you to relax and enjoy. The main differences between the two is that a deck is often found at a higher level than a porch and is often left uncovered. The above considerations about your porch still apply, so you will also need to consider how the elements will affect your deck. You’ll be needing more durable materials since there is less protection. Treated woods are the traditional choice, but composite materials that are more affordable and tougher are making inroads into the market. Another thing to consider is the local building codes. Decks need to meet a height and size requirement before they can be built.


Ensure your deck and porch construction projects are a success by contracting local builders with experience. With their help, you can enjoy a lazy day, hanging out on your well-built porch or deck.



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