If you’re looking to raise your home’s curb appeal and provide a fresh new amenity for your family, a deck is a solid investment. The right porch builders can help you with every step of the process, but you should consider preparing yourself before enlisting the help of a contractor. Knowing what materials are best suited for your plans ahead of time can help the process go more seamlessly for everyone involved. deck-builders

Wood: The Classic Choice

When most people think of lazy afternoons on the porch, they have images of handsome lumber and sturdy beams. Wood is still the de facto choice for most deck builders. Tropical hardwoods are a popular choice and combine durability with classic beauty. Sturdy hardwoods are resistant to decay and fire, repel bugs, and can typically last two decades or more with no treatment. However, hardwoods can be an expensive option.

Composite Wood: A Cost Effective Alternative

Composite wood relies on recycled materials like wood waste to create an alternative that’s similar to traditional hardwoods. It retains much of the same classic beauty at a fraction of the price. It’s generally a low maintenance option that requires little upkeep. However, composite wood isn’t quite as long lasting as the traditional option, and can become slippery and attract mildew when subjected to prolonged exposure to water.

Aluminum: Little Maintenance, Little Fuss

In recent years, aluminum has achieved more popularity as a deck material. While it’s more expensive than lumber-based alternatives, it requires virtually no maintenance. Aluminum is sturdy, requires no treatment, and can be tightly interlocked to seal off your deck from the presence of rain altogether.

Sustainable Options: An Eco-Friendly Approach

As environmental consciousness becomes more prevalent many deck builders are incorporating sustainable alternatives into their repertoire. There’s a range of options that simulate the look and feel of traditional wood while easing your conscience. Ipe wood brings with it many of the advantages of traditional hardwoods, including a beautiful, smooth surface and the traditional durability you find in hardwoods. Composite woods are also in vogue, creating an alternative to composites that relies solely on reused materials.
With all these options available, you can finally sit back and relax in the deck of your dreams. Simply seek help from Chicago deck builders, like DAL Builders, to make your vision of the perfect deck turn into reality.



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