They say the average American spends about an hour a day in the bathroom, and an average person in general spends about one and a half years of their lifetime in the place. This pretty much shows the importance of bathroom time for everyone. It is not only a place where we use the toilet, bathe, wash up, and get ready for the day, but it is also a place for people to think and spend time alone without anyone bothering them.



For this reason, homeowners would want their bathroom to be the best it can be, to simultaneously address their needs and look stylish, too. To make changes to the look and functionality of this special place in their home, homeowners can do bathroom remodeling in Chicago through the help of remodeling experts. Homeowners must have a plan in mind regarding what things they want to change, unless they’re going for a full renovation.


A good idea is to go for fixtures that are elegantly designed. This can include a pedestal sink with graceful lines, or one of those claw-foot tubs which are a classic and are like art pieces. A stylish mirror can also be added to contribute to the overall look. Match all of these with flooring that is durable and water-resistant such as stone, marble, and ceramic tiles.


Homeowners with small bathrooms shouldn’t fret, because even though it might seem like a harder project, a few changes here and there can make a big difference. What’s more, the right colors and lighting can create the illusion that the bathroom is bigger than it actually is. For example, white marble tiles matched with mirrored surfaces can make a small bathroom feel roomier.


When it comes to add-ons like towel racks, the key is making the most of the space. There is a ladder towel rack which is slim, functional, and doesn’t eat up a lot of space.


There are a lot of wonderful things to do to change the bathroom, and homeowners can look for ideas on the web or from catalogues, or come up with a design all on their own. They may also contact a Chicago bathroom renovation company such as DAL Builders Inc. that specialize in all things remodeling and can get the job done.



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