Chicago is a city with a rich history, and many of the houses in this great city are older homes—and some even have historic value. In most of these older homes, the bathrooms might be very outdated and in need of certain modern upgrades. There are four factors that you need to think about when you are considering a bathroom renovation on an older home.



Not all bathroom renovations are going to require you to obtain a permit. Simply changing out a bathroom vanity won’t require a permit, but adding a bathtub to a bathroom that currently only has a shower will require a permit. If your project calls for a permit, seeking out professional assistance with the renovation is advisable because you will need to ensure that the job is done correctly. A Chicago bathroom renovation company like DAL Builders Inc. can obtain permits for projects and ensure that the job is carried out in accordance to current building codes.


When you are dealing with an older home, you might want to keep some of its aesthetic features. It is possible to keep some of the charm of an older bathroom while updating it so that it is a more modern bathroom. Including some elements from the older bathroom, such as keeping an old claw-foot tub, might provide just the appeal you are looking for when you are working on bathroom remodeling in Chicago.


Bathrooms in older homes are usually smaller rooms. This can make coming up with a suitable layout rather difficult. In some cases, knocking out a wall or making other structural changes might help you get the layout you want. If you are working on a bathroom that will service a single bedroom, you might consider adding another small room to the bathroom so that the tub is in one small room while the toilet and sink are in another small room, which adjoins that tub room and the bedroom.


Making sure that your bathroom meets your specific needs is vital when you are going to do a bathroom remodel. If you are remodeling a child’s bathroom, elegant pedestal sinks might not be a good option. In a master bathroom, a jetted tub or a shower with massaging jets might be ideal. The last thing you want is to have the bathroom remodel completed only to find out that you aren’t happy with its functionality.

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