They say that the average person goes to the bathroom around 6 times a day, which is quite a considerable number. This is why it is important to create a better bathroom experience through a bathroom remodeling in Chicago. In a report by NWI Times, it is said that “…almost half of Americans (49 percent) who choose to remodel their bathrooms, do so in order to upgrade features and fixtures, according to a recent survey by Houzz.”


The easiest resolution to keep-Upgrading your bathroom


The shower is not just a place to get cleaned, but also where you can spend time to think and momentarily escape from your daily activities. Remodeling the shower can include putting in new showerheads, re-tiling, or changing or adding a door. Many people consider the showerhead as the most important of these, as this is what affects the shower experience. A rising trend is to add more heads up and down the wall in order to get a massage effect. While this can make for good and restful therapy, however, you may want to go the other way, and look into conserving water, instead, using low flow showerheads.


Other fixtures in your bathroom may be changed, such as the toilet, faucets, lights, towel racks, and more. There are a lot of newer toilet models that are available with different features, so it’s best to look around to see which would fit the needs of your family. While faucets might seem like minor details, they help set the look and feel of the whole bathroom. Faucets also make up a large part of water use, so make sure you change old leaky faucets with new ones in order to conserve water and reduce your bills.


Tiles round up the overall look of the bathroom, so if the current ones are getting old and less appealing, then it’s probably time to change them for a fresh, new look. Try going for a combination of colors, or ones that would complement the different areas of the bathroom to get that visual pleasure when you step into your bathroom.


Reliable Chicago bathroom remodeling contractors, such as DAL Builders, Inc., can help make your ideas come to life, and give you a brand new bathroom that will give you that quick but much needed respite from the fast-paced life outside.


(Source: The easiest resolution to keep: Upgrading your bathroom, NWI Times, January 17, 2015)

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