If you’re a homeowner with a good-sized yard, it’s important to have some landscaping done on your property, both for aesthetic purposes or to improve home value before a sale. An essential part of landscaping that many people fail to take into consideration is the front porch. If you manage to pull off an integrated look by hiring creative designers and porch builders in Chicago, you might find just how valuable landscaping is to (improving) your home’s curb appeal.

Curb Appeal
Clear the Way


However you might want to set up your landscaping, always remember to keep clear the path from the street leading to your front porch. Some homeowners make the mistake of cluttering their yard with leafy barriers and garden accessories to the point that the pathway to the front door gets hidden. You can use hardscape techniques like putting up fences along the pathway, installing decorative outdoor pillars, or just paving over the path. You can also opt to install containers to help direct traffic into your home.




It’s an unspoken rule that every good front porch should always have some form of seating option, even if it’s just a couple of garden chairs propped lazily between the interior and exterior of your home. Make sure that it’s enough for more than just one person, though, or you might be sending the message that you aren’t the social type. What you project outside on your porch tends to reflect what others might find in the rest of your home.




According to Better Homes and Gardens, you should choose an attractive color palette for your front porch:


“In the same way that your home’s tree, shrub, and flower choices are in tune with your home’s architecture — a cottage garden for a cottage-style house, for example — rely on the color palette of your home’s front porch to help update and upgrade your curb appeal.”


Between Nature and Concrete


Yet another good tip is to offer a transition point between the plants in your garden yard and the hardscape of your front porch, and not just have them suddenly take each other’s place. This means you should incorporate some vegetation on your porch, preferably some potted plants or beautiful flowers. This way the organic and concrete or other solid structures can mesh and harmonize while being distinct areas in their own right.


Top-notch porch remodeling contractors, such as DAL Builders, Inc., can efficiently help you set up your porch for maximum curb appeal. Don’t forget, though, that remodeling and decorating is just one part of the equation; there is also the equally essential task of care and scheduled maintenance. For installation of additional accessories or quick repair of concrete, it shouldn’t hurt to hire Chicago porch repair contractors every now and then.


(Source: Curb Appeal for Front Porches, Better Homes and Garden)

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