Going in and out of your bathroom, day after day, can make you feel quite bored with it after a while, especially when there’s nothing visually appealing in it. The answer to get the love back is to remodel. For those looking to do bathroom remodeling in Chicago homes, there are dependable contractors, such as DAL Builders that can design and build for you what you want and help you get the most out of your investment.
5 cheap bathroom updates
You can be surprised at how much you can do for your bathroom to make it look fresh and exhilarating to step into again. Here are some ideas:


Slap On Some Paint


In her article for Wall St. Cheat Sheet, Andrea Davis suggested some affordable remodeling options, including the most economical solution of all, re-painting the bathroom:


“Adding a new coat of paint to the bathroom walls is probably the most cost effective way to completely change the bathroom’s mood and look without spending a fortune. You have a multitude of colors to choose from, and it complements almost everything else you could install in the bathroom like accessories, cabinetry, shelving, and plumbing fixtures. It’s a chance to create the kind of bathroom you want — whether it’s a sleek modern bathroom decked out in white or a cozy bathroom done out in pastels or earth tones like brown and dark green.”


Easy enough to do on your own; it’s easier, in fact, than setting new tiles.


Get a New Tub or Refurbish Your Old One


One of several Chicago bathroom renovation options that may require professional help is installing a new bathtub or replacing it. A tub with warm scented water is always a great place to relax and unwind. It need not be large; however, a 60-inch tub is a good size for families. You’ll need to try it out for size and comfort.  Additionally, if space is limited, you may go for a deep tub, instead.


Of course, you may already have a tub at home and it works fine. However, constant use can wear it out and leave it discolored, which can be unsightly. Unless the tub leaks, you can still have a functional but drab looking tub, professionally refinished for a brand new or fresher look.


Add a Shower Area


When you’re in a hurry, a quick shower is a great refresher. You can remodel your shower area, or install one: Go for an open concept that looks more spacious than the confined feel of a traditional stall. Aim for good drainage and a trendier-styled ceiling-mounted showerhead that is designed to restrict its downpour, rather than splash water all over the place.


Splurge On Some Luxury


Your bathroom can be a refuge, a place to relax and drain away the daily tensions that find their way in the body. Throw in some creature comfort fixtures, such as a nice countertop with some bath oils and luxury colored soaps. If you’ve got the space, you can design your bathroom to look like a spa room, with a dressing room and a vanity. Throwing in a TV or some exercise equipment is possible, if either one makes up part of your regimen to unwind or find relief.



(Source: 5 Cheap Updates to Revitalize Your Bathroom, Wall St. Cheat Sheet, May 30, 2014)

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