So, you’ve finally decided to renovate your bathroom and turn it into a more personalized “private” space. Full-scale bathroom remodeling in Chicago homes can be implemented either by going DIY or calling on bathroom remodeling contractors to design the layout before executing the plan. Unless you’re a skilled fixer-upper yourself, it’s best not to attempt the renovation, and, instead, rely on licensed home improvement contractors, such as DAL Builders. Bathroom remodeling is a fairly popular home renovation job, but one fraught with endless options from materials to colors, as this article from LubbockOnline.com, shows.

Bathroom Remodeling

“So you’ve decided it’s time to remodel your bathroom. Whether you’re excited at the idea of creating a new look that will add value to your home, or simply relieved that you’ll no longer have to look at dated fixtures and cracked tile, you’ll be facing a lot of decisions about materials, colors, fixtures, flooring and more. The options are vast, and you may wonder: What is the best way to get started?”


Bathroom remodeling is an exciting, but a tough project to undertake. There are numerous considerations so much so that a multitude of informational resources are written all about them and are found all over the web. Nevertheless, through the deluge of online tips, the important principles can be condensed into key tenets that could be of help to a homeowner thinking of going for a bathroom remodel.


First, think ahead. Ask yourself if the renovation is intended to increase the home’s overall value (should you plan to sell it in the future), or for your personal preference and enjoyment. Updating to newer fixtures (water-efficient bowls, energy-efficient and highly-ergonomic tiles, sinks, and other furnishings) can significantly raise the appraised value of your home. On the other hand, if the updated look is more for your own personal benefit, the design that gets approved will focus on whatever your preferences are, for instance, open space versus privacy, luxury versus simplicity and homey comfort, and so on.


Next, ask yourself how long will it take, and at what cost. The timeline will depend heavily on your personal decisions regarding materials and design. Custom-made fixtures and accessories, generally, take time to get delivered, and some more complex designs or layout can’t get executed in a matter of days. Contact several bathroom remodeling contractors in Chicago until you find one whose design proposal, project cost estimate, and project duration hew more closely to your preference and your budget.


Choose wisely. Consider enlisting professional bathroom remodelers who are likely to offer material and workmanship warranties. The last thing you want to see is taking on a DIY project you or a friend can’t finish, and then watching the whole thing go down the drain.


(Source: Bathroom Remodeling: The First 5 Things You Must Do in Planning a Remodel, LubbockOnline.com, February 22, 2014)

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