Are you wasting the beautiful angled walls in your attic by using it as your storage room? Sad to say, many people are not maximizing the square footage that a wide attic can offer. When used correctly, however, it can be converted into almost anything. Between the attic and the basement, remodeling the upper floor would be cheaper since you don’t have to shell out extra cash for waterproofing. Moreover, attics give a great opportunity for cheap, natural lighting just by adding more windows, two of the many advantages that it holds. Here are some ideas that you can try on your empty dusty attic:

  • Bedroom – What better way to use an empty space than to change it into a sleeping quarter. An extra bedroom in your attic will enable you to accommodate more guests or even make a few extra dollars by renting it out.


  • Home Office – The popularity of home offices have skyrocketed the past few years, since more jobs are now making stay-at-home an option, all thanks to the Internet, of course. An attic home office is bound to give you the peace and quiet that you need while working.


  • Entertainment Room – Imagine a home theater or a playroom for your kids in the safety of your own attic. You can also create a gathering area upstairs by just placing some coaches, adding a small rack for the wines, keeping a small fridge stocked and, of course, installing a great sound system.


  • Gym – A home gym can take up so much space in a house, and often you are left wondering if you have enough space for the extra equipment. The attic is certainly wide enough to accommodate your exercise equipment and if you’d like you can even add in a small bathroom for a quick shower.


  • Hobby Room – Some families share the same hobbies, and the attic is a great place for them to channel their skills. A musically inclined family can convert it into a music room or a mini studio even, while the artistic ones can have a painting area and perhaps even a small display area for all their works.


  • Storage room – You can also ask your remodeling contractor to turn your storage area into an even better storage facility. Tidy things up, add the right cabinets, make sure that each space is maximized efficiently, and that all of your things are neat and orderly.

A good tip to remember is to seek help from the best contractors such as those from DAL Builders Inc. Leaving your attic renovation to less than capable hands can place your family and house in danger if they fail to meet the proper building standards.
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