Men who have an extra, unused space in their homes (typically a basement) often look at it as an opportunity to build a so-called “man cave” – a place entirely their own, where they can effectively retreat from the hustle and bustle of being the typical family man. A common project for most companies offering professional basement remodeling around Chicago and elsewhere, the man cave isn’t exactly a humdrum luxury as some people (most especially, the spouses) might view it.


why men really do need a cave


In an interview with Houzz.com writer Mitchell Parker, psychology professor and book author Sam Gosling said, “Space is very important for regulating emotions. It’s incredibly important to be in one’s own space and resonate with who he is.” Gosling’s book, entitled Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You, stresses how space is a powerful mechanism for keeping a person’s emotional state stable.


Providing a definite testosterone-laden space is a man cave’s main function. A man cave is essentially a play room for grown men, where they can proudly display everything they hold dear. And it means everything: the typical man cave plays host to geeky pursuits like comic books, shelves of bobble heads, drunken pictures from college, gaming consoles, and so much more. Here are some reasons why:


A place where they can be their passionate selves – For instance, men who are sports junkies simply can’t watch a game quietly. Their passion cannot be contained – they jeer at the referee, yell strategies at the coach, and cheer great plays all while sitting on the couch. Wives know very well how rowdy and noisy men can become in these situations, which makes a man cave all the more important.


Keeping the house free of clutter – Man caves aren’t for the exclusive benefit of men. For some couples, man caves work as a way of keeping the house free of clutter. Men with extensive selections of collectibles can have their stuff neatly stored in one room where they and their closest friends alone can adore these treasures.


A shrine for comfort and zoning out – Men are prone to “fire-gazing”, wherein they de-stress and de-clutter their mind from the hassles of the workday. They often don’t want to talk about their day with their spouses, and the perfect fire-gazing zone is the man cave itself. This is where they can relax on their Lazy Boy recliners to detoxify themselves for their fatherly duties later.


Anyone can turn their boring, empty basement into a place of manly sanctuary with the help of reliable basement finishing in Chicago, one that’s offered by the likes of DAL Builders. Going DIY may get things somewhere, but consulting professionals is a much better choice in achieving the desired end product.


(Source: Why Men Really Do Need a Man Cave, Houzz)

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