A manufactured or mobile home is a smart investment, if you’re entering the home ownership realm and you have no particular type in mind. Housing professionals agree that the total cost of a mobile home is less than that of houses built from the ground up, and many people are taking this option. Illinois, for instance, has a heavy concentration of mobile homes, and cities like Chicago have their own mobile home parks.
Many mobile homes, though, are so called not because they’re designed to be constantly moving but because they’re manufactured offsite and are transported to the place where the homeowner wants it assembled. A lot look like standard framed houses built onsite, and their owners are adding porches or decks to expand the homes and improve their livability.
A mobile home porch is not a bad idea. In fact, various mobile homes in Chicago have porches of different sizes. Some are extremely small that they appear like receiving areas at the door, while others are ambitiously large (extending several feet wide on either side of the door), making them an additional entertainment space.
When you’re having a porch built in your mobile home, it’s important to consider the floor area and load capacity. The wider the porch’s floor area, the more support columns must be constructed to handle the weight of the furniture and the people.
Look at the distance of the support columns; they must be no more than eight feet apart and are sufficiently linked by the deck frame spars. The minimum weight is 100 pounds per square foot. Going for porch builders who are familiar with the Chicago Department of Buildings’ Porch Design and Construction Guidelines will help a lot in coming up with a suitable and durable design.
Unless you intend to set up a roof or pergola above, it is possible that your porch may get rain puddles. Have your contractor grade the slope to roughly an inch of drop per eight feet. If you’re thinking of adding skirting to your porch, make it look like the one in the main home so the entire skirting would be one unified design.
Porches and decks will not go out of style, even for mobile homes, due to the number of things you can do in it. Although some claim that a porch or deck for a manufactured home is easy to construct, deck builders in Chicago, like DAL Builders, can help you fashion a sturdy one with careful preparation and quality workmanship.
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