If you’re struggling for space, then it may be time to think about some serious renovations. Rather than moving to a new home, you can always convert some key spaces in your existing property. If you don’t have a basement or just want a brighter space, then consider looking up to the attic. The great news is that when you invest in remodeling in Chicago, you can improve your home and boost the value.
Ideal for Different Uses
The space over your head doesn’t have to be used for basic storage. With the right layout and lighting, you can use this area as a bedroom, game room for the kids or your own office. Turn it into a private retreat with a nook for reading, charging stations for your electronics, and an incredible view of the Chicago skyline.
Structural Considerations
When it comes to the attic, there are structural considerations that cannot be downplayed. Work with Chicago remodeling contractors who know the codes and can effectively assess the feasibility of this project. Quite often, attics need additional supports in the floor for the extra load, and you may even need more supports along key walls to effectively distribute the new weight load.
The Important Amenities
You’ll also need to have wiring run to the attic to meet your energy demands, and you may decide to add a small powder room to the space. All of this must be taken into account with the initial blueprints and planning.
Creating More Headspace
Attics feature sloped ceilings that get in the way of easy renovations, but there are countless ways to work around this. Dormers and raised rooflines are the most popular options. You can raise one section of the roof to create the headroom while installing skylights along the sloped areas. The skylights will brighten the space and help make the entire attic feel more welcoming.
It’s estimated that renovating an attic can add about $40,000 to the resale value of your home, and the personal satisfaction goes far beyond the monetary return on investment. Most people report that their new attic space turns into one of their favorite areas, so it may be well worth your time to invest in this type of improvement.
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