Porches are often seen in movies as a place where the elderly sit on their rocking chairs to while away the time, or where characters exchange deep conversations or get lost in their thoughts. These are certainly real-life scenarios as well, as porches do make a great place for relaxing, and for welcoming and entertaining visitors. It is essentially an extension of the living room, where residents and visitors can have lots of fun and conversation while enjoying the outdoor breeze. If you want to enjoy this kind of relaxing activity, but lack a porch in your home, call on porch builders in Chicago to install one for you.



There are different porch styles that can fit any home, and homeowners should take note of size and design. An architect quoted in a Times Union article says this about size: “When you go with 8 feet, there’s room for furniture, especially when it’s a wrap-around.”


A well-planned and well-designed porch can improve the look of the house. It can be located either in front or at the back of the home, or it can be a wraparound that spans all sides of the house.


An open porch design with columns is a popular trend these days, because it allows an obstructed view of the surroundings. Columns may be styled with a wide range of inspiration, from Colonial to Greek revival. The porch itself can be made of different materials like pine, redwood, cedarwood, vinyl, or plastic—depending on your preference and budget.


To have the look and feel that you want on your porch, it is also important to choose your furniture carefully. Porch furniture are usually both attractive and functional. What’s more, since you will be leaving them outside, it’s important to make sure that you choose pieces made out of quality materials that can withstand the weather. A recommendation is polywood furniture which are low in maintenance and are sturdy.


Sitting on the porch on a warm summer afternoon or after a long day at work is the best way to unwind. You can read, listen to music, draw, and paint, among other things. It is also a great way to start your day by reading the newspaper while you take your coffee. Large porches can be a place to entertain guests, have parties, or simply hang-out with your friends.


Homeowners who want to experience all these should get in touch with reputable Chicago deck builders such as DAL Builders and get a porch that not only complements their home, but also their lifestyle.



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