Who says you have to get out of the house and take a long trip for a much-needed vacation? With a few tweaks of your Chicago home, you can turn it into your own private hotel and resort for a lovely “staycation.” Of course, if your home has seen a lot of wear and tear over the years, you may need to have some of the rooms repaired or renovated to make them more inviting. You can also add extensions to your home, like a new deck facing your yard perhaps, to have more spaces to relax in.



You have to play around with various elements, whether you’re redesigning an indoor or outdoor space. Use plants, lighting, and other accessories; and experiment with colors to excite the eyes and make the space more interesting. Pick cozy and durable furniture where you, your family, or your guests can laze the mornings, afternoons, or nights away.


With the help of excellent porch builders in Chicago, you can have a deck that you can transform into an ultimate hangout spot. No matter how big or small the space is, you can successfully make it your own private resort with a bit of imagination and creativity. Here are some ideas:


The Happy Host


You can make “entertainment zones” if you plan on unwinding with friends or close relatives. Make sure there’s enough seating, and use outdoor-safe furniture and décor (separate sections with outdoor rugs). If you love cooking for guests or having barbecues, design your deck with a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen, or simply add a grill and a counter for food preparation.


The Introvert Ideal


You can also make a private nook where you can read a book without distractions, or go sunbathing on precious summer days. Be strategic in using tall plants to give you more seclusion. You can also screen-in your porch or build tall fences around it.


The Naturalistic Night Owl


You can also make the deck a prime spot for stargazing with cozy chaise lounges or a large swing that you can lie in. Have an outdoor fireplace installed for heat, especially during chilly nights, or design with candles to set the mood. Make sure you get professional remodeling and porch repair in Chicago from contractors like DAL Builders Inc. for a high-quality and well-finished deck.


(Source: 8 Tips for Making Your Home a Staycation Paradise, Porch.com)

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