Chicago may be experiencing a bitter cold winter season at the moment. However, there is good reason to look forward to spring when the weather allows for better enjoyment of what nature has to offer, like crisp air and greeneries. Merci Miglino of TimesUnion.com writes that having a porch is the best way to relish nature and enjoy other benefits too.


Reduces Stress and Tension.
In experiments at the University of Texas, volunteers were sent on a stressful virtual car journey. After the journey, half were taken to a park surrounded by trees. In three minutes their heart rate, blood pressure and the muscle tension in their forehead had fallen dramatically compared to the other half of the group who were kept indoors.


Spending quality time with beloved family members and friends at the porch can also reduce stress and tension. However, if locals do intend to have a porch built to serve as entertainment area, there are important considerations that Chicago porch builders typically make. Take a look at the things below:
benefits of having a front porch
Standing and Sitting Space


The porch should have a perfect balance of appropriate space for standing and sitting to ensure the comfort of the guests. A good trick here is to design the porch to wrap around the home, making sure to have a large area on the sides or back. The flooring should be durable enough not only for heavy traffic, but also for constant sitting and standing movements.




Using large patio doors or French doors allow for easy passage. Installing a stairwell is also a good idea to provide guests with easy access. For everyone’s safety though, the stairs should be built with sturdy materials and equipped with appropriate railings.


Looking ahead to spring gatherings is a great way to cope with the harsh winter. Planning an outside entertainment area with the help of experienced Chicago deck builders, like the ones from DAL Builders, Inc., is a good start.


(Source: House Blend: Benefits of having a front porch, Blog.timesunion.com)

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