Given that basements are located below ground level, and consequently not as ubiquitous or frequently visited as other areas in the home, not all homeowners see the need to enhance this space. Yet for Chicagoans who have a keen eye for seeing value in such a seemingly ho-hum and drab room, there is every reason to spruce up one’s basement and turn it into a room where people would actually want to hang out.

Basement Clean-up

Proper basement remodeling in Chicago requires a thorough inspection of the internal and external premises before the room is stripped bare to avoid any potential mishaps. Among other things, one should inspect if the basement is highly susceptible to flooding from rainfall, sewage runoff, or pipework malfunctions.


A thorough inspection is vital because neglecting to determine the basement’s overall condition can lead to potential water damage and mold buildup in the long run. Having moldy floors, walls, and ceilings is conducive to airborne-related illnesses such as asthma and skin irritations and, therefore, detrimental to one’s health. According to Macomb Daily News editor Maryanne Macleod, proper cleaning is paramount before and after a basement renovation:


Mold can cause asthma attacks and irritate the skin, eyes and nose. Homeowners can avoid inhaling mold by using an N-95 mask, specifically designed to keep out very small particles such as mold spores.


Porous surfaces require specially developed, anti-fungal carpet spray.


Bleach is recommended for cleaning surfaces compromised by mold. Never mix bleach with ammonia or other cleaners as the combination can create a toxic gas. MDCH recommends using one part bleach to 10 parts water to avoid respiratory problems, particularly if you have asthma.


Once cleaning has been sorted out, one can now start with the basement remodeling. A knowledgeable Chicago basement finishing and construction company such as Dal Builders offers a myriad of options when it comes to basement remodeling. For instance, such an experienced contractor can transform the basement into a functional space, whether the owners want a fun family room, a bedroom, a laundry room, a small kitchen, or even a wet bar. A contractor of this caliber can also accommodate and work around clients’ preferred room ideas, so long as it falls under the permissible basement codes.


Renovating any room in one’s home entails proper planning and construction expertise. One should have considered all factors and contingencies before going about with the overhaul so that costly inconveniences are avoided.


(Source: Basement clean-up is not complete if mold is left behind, Macomb Daily News, August 23, 2014)

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