Most homes have underutilized basement spaces that could be turned from dusty, dark storage rooms to warm and inviting living spaces. There are many advantages to basement remodeling in Chicago for homeowners to consider, and the cost of the remodel is usually much less than adding on more surface rooms or extra floors to the house.
Cost Savings
When a busy or growing family needs more space, they are often left with a dilemma. They either have to put serious money into a construction project to add rooms to the house, add another structure on the property or go through the hassle of selling their current home and moving to a bigger one. The basement is an often overlook potential space.
Since basement spaces do not require excavation and total construction, they are in almost all cases cheaper than a home addition. There are some other hidden savings that many homeowners don’t think about. A basement space is likely to already have needed utility hookups. No extra water, gas or electrical lines typically need to be installed. A basement is also one of the most energy efficient rooms in the entire house. Since it has natural insulation from the ground, it is cheaper to heat and cool. This benefit goes to waste when it’s not used as a living space.
Private Space
Depending on the layout of the house, a basement also tends to be more private than just a bedroom or suite addition. Basements may also be large enough to contain multiple rooms and can easily become a completely private and apartment-like space. This is perfect accommodation for renters to provide extra income or adult family like returning college graduates or grandparents who prefer their own complete space.
Hidden Support
Basements and foundations are a critical part of the structure of a home. Since they are unseen, they are also common victims of neglect. Mold, mildew and water damage secretly strike many basements, leading to expensive repairs. A finished and used basement is much less likely to suffer these problems. The finished walls and supports will help prevent damage. If flooding or water damage does occur, it is more likely to be noticed before it becomes a major problem. Basement finishing in Chicago may even be what saves your foundation.
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