As a result of the recession, a lot of people would rather renovate their homes than buy or sell a property; at least according to LocalNews8.com in Idaho. About $19 billion was spent on home improvement projects in 2013, particularly on carpeting, flooring, landscaping, and small-scale kitchen renovations. In addition, the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) claims that the remodeling industry will see a 6.5 percent increase in sales before the year ends.

Home Remodeling


The uptick in remodeling jobs is explained by the idea that homeowners are hoping to improve the value of their properties before the real estate market returns to pre-recession conditions. This information might encourage many Chicagoans to do some home improvement of their own and find a reputable Chicago remodeling company, like DAL Builders, to help them out. That said, even a simple kitchen renovation or a new patio construction can become quite complicated if homeowners do not give sufficient thought to such a project.


For example, according to an article on LocalNews8.com, deck construction is one home remodeling project that has a sizable return on investment. Experts agree that a brand-new deck can certainly recoup about 72 percent of its original value over time. That said, the variety of deck options available usually complicates matters. Pressure-treated wood is a popular option for homeowners since it is cheap and easy to work with. On the other hand, this material needs to be refinished every other year, thereby increasing its cost in the long run.


As an alternative, homeowners can go for composites that require less frequent maintenance. These materials, however, can encourage mold growth if they are not cleaned after three or four years. Hardwoods, the most durable and rot resistant of them all, are significantly more expensive and labor-intensive.


There’s also the matter of ensuring that the new deck meets all local building standards. In Chicago, the Department of Buildings has very specific guidelines for porches (and by extension, decks). For instance, an attached and unprotected deck made from wood must be no closer than three feet from the interior lot line, unless certain conditions are met, to help prevent fires from spreading. Count on trusted Chicago remodeling contractors like DAL Builders to know these guidelines by heart.


At any rate, homeowners who intend to sell their property in the future can look forward to the advantages of undertaking a home remodeling project. HIRI’s predictions should also prove encouraging for homeowners who wish to give their homes a makeover.


(Source: Home Remodeling Rebounding, LocalNews8.com, August 25, 2014)

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