There are houses which have often been depicted as having stories to tell if they could speak, even after all the remodeling work they’ve been through over the years. If the place has been standing for a long time, someone may have ordered a remodel before you ever moved in. AJ LaTrace of Curbed Chicago has one such example: the 94-year-old Winnetka house that was the setting for the classic holiday comedy Home Alone.

Suburban House 24 Years Later
Chicago carries a familiar air of old houses that have weathered many a Midwest storm. A check of houses in the Windy City show that many of them have old architecture but sport surprisingly unique modern interiors. If your house is years old but is now in need of a better appearance, consider hiring Chicago remodeling experts like those from DAL Builders to tackle the job.
Same on the outside
Consultations with your contractor may tackle minor cosmetic changes to the façade if that’s one of the strong points that attract outside interest. LaTrace said the famed “McAllister house” did not change much exterior-wise in the quarter-century since the movie was shot on the property. It may be possible, though, that any fixes will involve periodic maintenance.
General gook inside
The remodel effort may be worth the time and money invested if the work was applied across the board. LaTrace noted that the tiled flooring was changed to wood (especially at the integrated dining room and kitchen) while the original flowery wallpapers all over have been stripped and replaced with room-appropriate trimmings or paint. White paint is also consistent across the interior; white carpeting decked the masters’ bedroom’s floor.
Kitchen work
Redoing the kitchen may not be far on anyone’s mind when talking to remodeling contractors in Chicago for a new project. When the Home Alone house was sold in 2012 after more than a year on the listings, the kitchen makeover took a different direction. The right-angle-J green-marble-tile-and-wood island with a stove on the long end was replaced with a smaller island that can serve as a breakfast table, freeing up more space on the kitchen floor. The tiled countertops were changed to granite countertops.
Doing a remodel on your house can be a way to help retain its value if you decide to sell it in the future or serve as a place for future generations. Remodelers like DAL enjoy giving you a front seat for the changes to come.
(Source: Revisit Home Alone’s Iconic Suburban House 24 Years Later, Curbed Chicago)

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