Getting tired of your plain and boring white bathroom? A simple bathroom renovation can spice up your home and make your bathing time even more relaxing and enjoyable. The bathroom is like a safe haven for some people where they can just relax and wash off the stress throughout the day. This is why it is important that the bathroom is not only functional, but also pleasing. Here are a few themes that you can consider when having a bathroom renovation job:

  • Nature Inspired – Consider adding some plants in your bathroom: a vertical vine trellis, some potted plants, and maybe a nice flower arrangement by the sink. This is one of the simplest changes that you can do in your bathroom without spending too much, since all you’ll essentially need is some extra indoor plants.
  • Dated Farmhouse – Drop the printed tiles and have it replaced with a plain one, opt for large hanging lightings like the ones found on farms, add some larger windows, and include some reclaimed items from an old farm like large water basins and old wooden doors.
  • Dramatic Asian – For an Asian-themed bathroom you can try adding a kimono fabric wallpaper, some Asian-styled lamps or lanterns, a simple but sleek tub and toilet and, finally, some relaxing fragrance oils.
  • Artsy Touch – Decorate your bathroom with some framed pictures and paintings, and be bold with painting a section of your wall while keeping everything else simple and minimalistic.
  • Complete Living – Some people just spend too much time in the bathroom, so why not transform it into a complete package? Add some book shelves or magazine racks near the toilet, place a TV near the tub, or place a comfortable chair by the vanity area.

You can also seek the advice of bathroom remodeling experts in Chicago like those from DAL Builders if you have a certain theme in mind already but are unsure if it can work. The most important thing to remember however is to be cooperative with your contractor and to be present and available during the renovation project in order to ensure that all problems are dealt with as quickly as possible.
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