When basements are introduced into a conversation, most people think of dark and dingy storage rooms filled to the ceiling with boxes of garden tools, holiday decorations, and the like. However, basements do not always have to be that way.

With a little creativity and the help of a trusted contractor, you can turn you basement into a gorgeous new living space. Whether it’s a space for family fun or a space to receive guests, basement remodeling in Chicago can be exactly what you need to inject new life into your home.


Before you commit to remodeling your basement, however, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Grab a flashlight and scout your basement based on the following criteria:

Moisture Problems

Any moisture problems will lead to mold or mildew down the road, something you definitely don’t want you family and guests to be exposed to. You can test for moisture problems by taping plastic sheets on your floors and walls. If condensation forms, you have a moisture problem that needs to be addressed before any remodeling work can begin.

Good Lighting

A great living space is supposed to be warm and inviting, and one of the best ways to create such a mood is through the use of good lighting. An article from Better Homes and Gardens explains further:

A good lighting plan is key to making your basement an inviting gathering spot. Recessed cans like these create overall illumination as well as task and accent lighting for the bookshelves and artwork.
In addition to recessed lights, consider track lights and pendants to eliminate shadows on surfaces where you’ll be working, playing, or reading. Use table lamps and floor lamps to banish shadows in corners and provide task lighting beside chairs and sofas.

If there’s room in your budget, you can opt for something more natural by having a contractor dig a window well. This set-up allows sunlight to stream into your basement, helping it achieve a natural, warm look.

Storage Space

As you remodel your basement, you’ll need to find a new place to store your belongings—or not. You can add built-in storage shelves and cabinets to help you maximize any given space. A prime location for such would be right underneath the staircase.

After you’ve scouted your basement, contact a trusted Chicago basement finishing and remodeling contractor like DAL Builders, Inc. A skilled professional can help you plan and construct your layout properly, ensuring that you are able to fully enjoy your new living space.

(Source: 10 Basement Remodeling Tips; Better Homes and Gardens)

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