A bathroom remodeling project gives you the incredible opportunity to transform your existing space into a gorgeous room that you love and to create an area that is purely functional for all of your needs. However, most bathrooms are fairly small in size, and creating a functional design for a bathroom renovation may require considerable planning and forethought. If you are interested in improving your bathroom with a remodeling project, think about these important and practical factors as you create your design. bathroom-renovation

Storage Space
One of the most significant challenges people have when creating a bathroom design is adding enough storage space for all of their items. The bathroom may need to store toiletries, personal hygiene items, cosmetics, towels and linens and other similar products for you to easily access. Ideally, this space will be in the form of cabinet storage and a linen closet.

When additional storage is needed, standing corner racks, hanging shelves over the toilet and other similar storage features can be added to the space. Take inventory of the amount of functional storage space you need in your bathroom when creating your design.

Room to Move
When space is a concern in a smaller or narrower bathroom, you may have limited space to move around freely in the bathroom. Some features must be in a functional bathroom, such as a toilet, sink and shower or tub. Redesigning the layout or placement of these features may free up much needed space.

Creating a narrow counter space and reducing the depth of the cabinets may also help. Opting for a walk-in shower rather than a full-size tub can give you several additional square feet of space to work with.

These are among the top concerns when creating a functional design, and they are critical to ensuring that you love spending time in your newly remodeled space. Your functional design for a bathroom remodeling project can be combined with gorgeous materials that enhance the look of your space and that meets your requirements for style. A bathroom renovation expert in Chicago, like those from DAL Builders, can work with you to assess your needs and to create a beautiful and fully functional plan that lives up to your expectations.

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