If you love watching movies but dread that long drive to the local theater, only to wait in line for a ticket and a popcorn and soda, then setting up a home theater might be the right ticket for you. You’ll need a lot of space in your basement, and a good design to maximize limited living space.
Before you call up your local Chicago basement remodeling contractor, here are some more tips you should know:

Home Theather


Create an acoustically-friendly place


Concrete doesn’t promote good acoustics, so make sure that you incorporate structural techniques to absorb bass sounds, for instance. You can achieve this by raising the floor and putting up a drywall over the concrete walls. You can hang two layers of drywall with different levels of thickness, or you can set up a “floating floor” instead, one that need not have to be glued onto the subfloor. There are a variety of options to do this.


Moisture-proof your basement


Since you will be remodeling your basement, you will want to make sure that it doesn’t run the risk of flooding. Even if you have not had any issues in the past it is important to consider a flood prevention system when finishing you basement to protect your investment. DAL Builders can design a flood prevention system tailored to your space.


Size your space


Here are some tips from DIY Network on sizing up your living space for an entertainment room.


“When building a home theater, it’s important to make sure the room is the right size because room dimensions affect room resonance, which can cause certain frequencies to sound too loud or too soft.


Room resonance can be minimized by building room dimensions that are not divisible of each other. Avoid even-room or same-room dimensions.”


Consider your layout


Now it’s time to design the layout of the room. Pay special attention to where your big screen will be placed. If you put it near the entrance, make sure that your basement has a rear door as well, so your movie experience isn’t thwarted by people constantly coming in and out of the room. You should also have a storage large enough to keep your media and equipment whenever your home theater is not in use.


For a more defined interior space, check out established contractors who have been doing remodeling or basement finishing in Chicago for many years. Licensed general contractors like DAL Builders, Inc. should help you set up the layout for your basement, whether you want it for a home theater, a family room, or your personal game room at a budget you can afford.



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