So in just a few more months, you’re expecting some important guests in your Windy City home, but you don’t exactly have enough room. Your mind wanders to hiring reliable a Chicago remodeling company, but you’re not sure if you have enough time or resources to have a new room set up—what do you do? Instead of thinking big and busting up a couple of walls to extend your living space, why not just convert your attic into a spare room?
Building Codes
One of the main forces you’ll have to consider when it comes to remodeling your attic is your local building code. For one, most regulations require attic space of at least 7 feet 6 inches high for a minimum area of 70 sq. ft., so should your attic’s dimensions fall under these numbers, you wouldn’t be able to build a sufficient living space that’s up to code.

Tips for Remodeling Chicago Homes

Should you want to put a bathroom in your attic room, evaluate your home to see if the floor joists can adequately support the weight of the toilet, sink, tub, and any other fixtures you want to have. For more simplified pipe and drain installation, choose to align the bathroom with your home’s main drain pipe.
Of course, you should also think about how you can gain access to your new spare room. Here are some tips from Josh Garskof, written in This Old House Magazine article:

If you’re building a stair-case from scratch, consider a switchback layout. It needs more room than a straight run (roughly 45 to 50 square feet per floor versus 33), but its footprint is more squarish than linear, so it will often fit in spaces where a straight run can’t go. Just make sure the landing is large enough to maneuver furniture upstairs.

Unless you efficiently insulate the attic before turning it into a bedroom, you might find that the changes in temperature will be more overwhelming in this area than anywhere else in the house. Choose efficient insulation materials with reflective and fire retardant qualities; you should also make sure that your insulation materials of choice won’t cause adverse reactions to humans.
Be sure to work with reliable renovation professionals like DAL Builders, Inc. for your attic conversion project. With the help of efficient Chicago remodeling contractors, you can easily increase your home’s living space without it being too costly.
(Source: Read This Before You Finish Your Attic, This Old House magazine)

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