Before commencing work on your dream porch with the help of local porch builders from Chicago like DAL Builders, there are a lot of important factors to consider so that you end up with the best possible results. HGTV Remodels writer Jeanine Matteucci gives a quick overview of what to ponder on:

“Determine your goals for your porch project. Consider everything from how you want the porch to look to how you plan on using the space. You want to maximize the use of your porch and make sure the location works with the rest of your property. Ask yourself these five key questions as you plan the porch of your dreams.”


What follows is a deeper explanation of the key considerations mentioned beforehand.

porch planning

The main purpose – Porches are fairly versatile living spaces. They can be used for hosting parties or other events for outsiders, as well as for more private affairs. These functions may call for specific amenities like large outdoor eating areas for bigger groups or a single, smaller coffee table for more intimate gatherings. The scope of the project will heavily depend not only on your budget, but also on your personal preferences.


The location – There are three typical locations for a porch: the front, the back, and around the house itself. While porches may be exposed to the public, you also need to consider your own privacy as well as adequate protection from the elements. If you’re looking to add a front porch, you must be careful enough to have it blend in with your home’s existing architectural style. The key to making the existing home design work well with the new porch is by taking into account the outline of the porch and the ways it could work with the present roofline.


The overall look – Once you’ve determined the main purpose and the final location of your porch, you can now consider the different styling options for the new addition. Unless you are an experienced architect yourself, consulting with a professional contractor is highly recommended. Working with a specialist allows you to stylize your porch based on the existing laws and regulations in your area. Being code-compliant should be on high priority, and dealing with those concerns is made easier with expert help.


On the other hand, homeowners who already have an existing porch that is a bit run-down can also enlist the help of Chicago porch repair professionals in refurbishing the structure so that it becomes something to be proud of. Whichever contractor you choose, clear and regular communication will help make the planning and building process go without a hitch.


(Source: Porch Planning: Things to Consider, HGTV Remodels)

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