In a major city of nearly 2.7 million, your home can still stand out amongst all the rest, thanks to an inviting front porch or deck all set and prepped up for the summer.  Consulting with reliable Chicago porch builders will not only get you a new porch, but a good design and construction will also add to your home’s curb appeal and value. Priceless, of course, are the hours you and your family will enjoy outdoors. Here are some good tips to try out when you’re thinking of sprucing up your outdoor living space.  
porch design ideas


Make Room for the Sun


Design your porch in a way that the seating arrangement allows you to get as much sun as possible; you don’t always need to go anywhere far to get the most out of summer. You can also choose to install skylights for a little sun if you don’t want to completely tear off the roof overhanging on your deck.


Identify the Purpose


Your porch doesn’t have to be for outdoors-only activities. It could serve many purposes, and you can design the room, accordingly. You can turn it into a mini-kitchen with its own dining area where you can host barbecue parties; or you can convert it into an outdoor lounge where you can place or create a nice bonfire around the center. Settle on your purpose before designing your remodel.


Make it Cheery


An article by Better Homes and Gardens details how you should also make your porch more friendly and cheery:


“A porch not only connects your interior with the exterior, but it can also connect your home with the rest of the neighborhood. Make your porch beautiful and welcoming, and make sure to allow plenty of space for you and your company. [A] porch outfitted with cheery colors and playful patterns, provides the perfect warm-weather gathering spot for friends and family.”


Paint your Porch


If you’re thinking of having your porch repainted, make sure that you have it suited to a theme; mix and match colors to discover how to give your deck the best vibrant summer look. You can also choose paint colors based on the furniture that you have to get things to blend well.


You can consult with efficient Chicago deck builders, such as DAL Builders (dalbuilders.net) if you want to make sure that your porch renovation goes well enough on schedule with the minimum of fuss. Moreover, don’t forget to keep your deck well maintained throughout the summer and all year long.


(Source: Porch Design Ideas, BHG)

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