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Affordable Bathroom Remodeling in Chicago: Divvying Up Your Priorities

“Décor Gets the Smallest Slice

While you want a beautiful bathroom, décor must not make up more than 5 percent ($500) of the budget. Experts advise against settling for bargain-grade paint, which costs between $5 and $15 a can, because they may not last as long as premium-grade paint. Sometimes, it’s better to choose the more expensive but better-quality product, especially if you’re thinking about eventually selling your property.

Additionally, if you need help in budgeting, get in touch with experienced Chicago bathroom renovation companies like DAL Builders. Professionals can help you pull off amazing renovation jobs that will fit your budget.”

A Porch for Entertaining: What Chicago Porch Builders Often Consider


Using large patio doors or French doors allow for easy passage. Installing a stairwell is also a good idea to provide guests with easy access. For everyone’s safety though, the stairs should be built with sturdy materials and equipped with appropriate railings.

Looking ahead to spring gatherings is a great way to cope with the harsh winter. Planning an outside entertainment area with the help of experienced Chicago deck builders, like the ones from DAL Builders, Inc., is a good start.”

Basement Remodeling in Chicago Turns a Misfortune into a Good Thing

“Chicago is known for its harsh winters, and this year is no exception as below-zero temperatures have been more prevalent than ever. As such, poorly insulated pipes will likely freeze, creating problems for homeowners. Carole Feldman reports in that a real problem occurs when these frozen pipes burst and cause flooding in the basement.

Removing water from a flooded basement should be done immediately to prevent mold and bacteria from developing. Homeowners can choose to remove water on their own through effective do-it-yourself techniques, or hire professionals. If there is major damage to the flooring and walls in the basement, homeowners can consider basement remodeling in Chicago.”

Things to Consider Before a Porch Makeover

If your front porch looks like that stereotypical, country-set, old, and decrepit one with the rocking chair looking out to the wilderness, it needs a total overhaul – literally. A front porch is supposed to be the first beautiful thing you and your guests will see. A lovely porch can become an ideal place to unwind and chat with loved ones over a nice cup of coffee.

Before anything else, however, consider these factors: when and how you use your porch. The “when” of using a porch depends on your area’s climate. For instance, if you experience a lot of cold days annually, you might want to consider adding a small fireplace and warm, comfy furniture for you and your guests. Continue reading

Guidelines for Basement Finishing in Chicago

Basement finishes and renovations should not be a DIY project. Disastrous consequences like injuries and costly mistakes can happen. Hiring a contractor for basement finishing in Chicago is your first step for a well-designed and properly built additional living space. Certain issues and concerns in a basement improvement project can be addressed effectively by these experts.

Technical and Mechanical Issues

Plumbing work, electrical wiring, and protective framing are intricate jobs only professionals can successfully accomplish. Sinks or complete bathrooms may be installed. Recessed or artificial lighting is recommended, especially for basements lacking windows for natural illumination. Carpentry skills are needed to frame ceilings and walls, especially if posts, ventilation exhausts, or ducts are present. Continue reading