Basement Waterproofing: First Order of Business

If you want to add some extra living space by remodeling your basement, waterproofing should be your top priority. After all, water from heavy rain or any form of flooding is bound to find its way into that lowest level of your property.

As such, even the most functional room located in the basement must have a sump pump and drain hidden from plain sight. As long as these perform their jobs, you can rest assured that your remodeled basement will remain clean, presentable, and comfortable.

However, unless you have a yard that slopes toward the street gutters, waterproofing the basement will only be half the battle. You will also have to do some work in your yard, so that all avenues of runoff will draw the water away from the critical foundations of the house. If the front yard can’t be sloped toward the street, perimeter drains may be installed.

Given the various options and plans for waterproofing, leave it to remodeling experts to choose the ideal plan for your basement. Not all plans are ideal, not just in terms of design and function, but also of cost. With the basement fully sealed, you can proceed with turning your basement into any room of your choosing.

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