Building a farmer’s porch on your house

A casual look at your community can help you cherish the sights and sounds of people and vehicles passing by. In some cases, it’s actually therapeutic to just sit back and relax outside the front door.

Slight problem though – sun or rain is beating down. When you want to go outside and look without having to be at the mercy of the elements (especially in the Windy City), you must consider having a large porch built.

A porch will be notable if the house is slightly raised. You can consult your remodeling contractor about installing a porch to cover the immediate area outside the door or go the full length of the façade.

The design of the porch should also sync with the house. A farmer’s porch has that classic air about it through the presence of wooden decking and roofing. However, you must seal off the area under the decking with a PVC trim and lattice screen to prevent animal entry underneath; it will also provide adequate ventilation to protect the decking against rot.

The discussions with your contractor will also have to focus on assembling ground-level supports for the porch posts. They should also be anchored on a cinder block or concrete foundation.

A farmer’s porch will always be a fun way to hang out with friends or loved ones. It adds curb appeal to the house.

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