Common Roof Problems

chicago general contractorsAt DAL Builders, we strive to help our customers protect the roof over their head with our extensive expertise and knowledge in roof construction and repairs. Our Chicago general contractors are committed to helping educate our customers on the importance of regular roof maintenance and repairs to preserve their properties. Below we discuss common roof issues to keep an eye out for in order to help save you money in the future.

Faulty Installation

Detrimental problems can occur if your roof was installed faulty or defective. Our roofing contractors can inspect and address all your roofing needs to ensure your property and belongings are safe and secure.

Leaks & Moisture

Over the years, moisture and water can reside in your roof from weather conditions, such as rain, wind, hail, and more. When moisture is found in your roof, it is commonly combined with mold, which is harmful to breathe for long periods of time. We suggest overlooking your ceilings for wet spots and possible leaks.

Faulty Flashing Installation

Flashing is a sealant that covers the areas of your roof that have opened to hold items such as your vent pipes, chimneys, and more. When your flashing is installed incorrectly, you will most likely begin to notice open seams which can cause your roof tiles to come off.

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